Protecting Patron privacy: a lita guide

Published in June 2017, Protecting Patron Privacy: a LITA Guide was published.  Matt Beckstrom contributed a chapter to the book on information privacy.  It is available on Amazon

Protecting Patron privacy

In January 2017, the Library and Information Technology Association, a unit of the American Library Association, released several checklist guides for libraries to use to assist them in protecting the privacy of their patrons. 

The guide on Public Access Computers and Networks was co-written by Matt Beckstrom.  You can access the guides here:  Library Privacy Checklists.


LITA Privacy checklists

Matt Beckstrom

Protecting Patron Privacy: Safe Practices for Public Computers is the first book by Matt Beckstrom.  It was published by Libraries Unlimited in June 2015. 

It is available for order on the ABC-CLIO page and the Amazon Page.

The book is targeted for Libraries and Librarians who want to understand how privacy works on the Internet, and what practical steps they can take to help protect their patrons who use their public computers.

The book features a forward by Barbara Jones, the Director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom for the American Library Association.

Reviews for Protecting Patron Privacy

Protecting patron privacy: Safe practices for public computers
Thomas Dowling
Technical Services Quarterly Vol. 33 , Iss. 2,2016